Root Canal

Root Canal

Why do you need root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment (or endodontics) is needed when a tooth is damaged or traumatised to the extent that the nerve supply of the tooth can no longer survive. This can cause infection and a possible abscess, if not treated.

What it is

Root canal treatment removes the infected nerve tissue, and disinfects the root canal system so that it can be filled. This prevents further infection.

Using modern techniques, root canal treatment can be very successful, however, infection can sometimes come back and treatment may need to be repeated.

What happens afterwards

It is recommended that the tooth is strengthened with a crown (especially molar teeth), since root filled teeth are more prone to fracturing.

Is there an alternative?

If a tooth needs root treatment, but it isn’t carried out, then the only alternative is extraction of the complete tooth, however we would always recommend keeping as many of your natural teeth as possible.