White Fillings

White or tooth coloured fillings

Fillings are placed in teeth when there has been decay or damage. They can restore a tooth back to its natural shape and function, where we want to conserve as much tooth as possible.

What are they made of?

At St Margarets Dental we only place mercury-free tooth coloured composite fillings.

These are made of glass particles in a resin and are therefore very aesthetic. They have the benefit of bonding directly, and can be placed without removing so much tooth, as traditional metal fillings.

White fillings have been shown to have comparable strength and durability to metal fillings.

Where would they be placed?

White fillings can be used at the front and back of the mouth effectively, to give the best aesthetic result. If a lot of tooth structure is missing, we may choose to place a stronger alternative, but fillings are the first thing we would look to in many situations.

You can choose to replace old amalgam fillings, and old white fillings too when they have become stained, to improve the aesthetics, but we would always discuss this fully with you first.